June 12, 2018

Eco-Luxury in Paradise: Hotel Nomade Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is known for having the some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the world, and continues to be one of the trendiest travel destinations today. Across this quiet and secluded stretch of coastline you can find eco-luxury accommodation away from the party scene of Cancún, making this the perfect getaway destination to relax and unwind.

Nomade Tulum is a gorgeous beachfront beach lounge and hotel along Mexico’s Caribbean coastline. What drew me into visiting Tulum were the boutique hotels, plant-based cafes, beautiful ocean views, and overall holistic vibe. Nomade Tulum provides everything you need to experience the upmost relaxation, rejuvenate and healing. It’s the perfect getaway retreat.

At Nomade Tulum they value human connection and upholding the local heritage of the ancient Mayan people and their traditions. They have several programs in place for ensuring they run sustainably and aim to remain carbon neutral to keep Tulum looking beautiful.

View stay details on their website: Nomade Tulum

The beach lounge is heavenly – There is no shortage of macrame cabanas, hammocks and tree swings, all surrounded by white sand beaches. It felt like something out of a dream.


Tulum is located 3 hours south of Cancun, at the southernmost tip of the Mayan Riviera. To get to Tulum, it’s best to fly into Cancun and take a bus or private car hire to Tulum.

Nomade Tulum can be found right along Tulum Beach, about a 15 minute drive from Tulum’s downtown area.


There are 4 accommodation options offered at Nomade Tulum – Standard Rooms, Suites, Tents, and Treehouses.

Food & Drink

Macondo Restaurant

Macondo Restaurant features a Moroccan-styled outdoor dining room with floor seating and offers holistic cuisine with plant-based dishes.

La Popular is the hotel’s beachfront restaurant that offers fresh seafood cuisine inspired by the local fish market.


Beach Lounge

Macrame cabanas surrounded by the white sands of Tulum Beach – The perfect place for some rest and relaxation.


Nomade Tulum has a variety of options for those seeking total a holistic vacation. The hotel offers both group and private sessions for yoga, meditation, tea ceremonies, sound healing, reflexology, and energy cleansing.

View wellness program details: Nomade Tulum’s Balance Brochure

Nomade Nest

The Nomade Nest features “Nest Talks”, where the hotel invites different practitioners and teachers each week to take over the nest to inspire discussions and learning for travelers.


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